Join me on my upcoming retreats for men

Growing through challenges

A day retreat for men, inspired by The Obstacle Is The Way  

  • Sat, 7th October
  • 13:00 - 22:00
  • Sollentuna, Stockholm
  • 750sek
Facilitator, Guy Anderson
Guy Anderson
Mens coach
Facilitator, Carl-Mikael
Carl-Mikael Nordlöf
Relationship coach

I’m proud to be holding space for men in Stockholm on Saturday 7th of October with relationship coach Carl-Mikael. Together we’ll be running a day retreat for men exploring how we can grow from the challenges we face in our lives. This retreat is inspired by the brilliant book by Ryan Holiday called “The Obstacle Is The Way.” 

Obstacles are an important part of life and as men we too often face them on our own. Either unable or unwilling to ask for help. Perhaps because of feelings of shame or isolation, or that we need to fix things on our own. 

On this retreat we’ll support each other in many ways. You will be seen and heard and you will be given space to explore the challenges you face in your life in a safe space. Don’t worry though, we are not going to spend all our time sitting around talking! We’re going to use the body and the breath to deeply connect and experience our obstacles. We’re going to be vulnerable and we’re going to be real.

Are you a man who wants to be a better version of yourself? More grounded, more vulnerable and yet stronger? This retreat is for you. If you know a man who would benefit from the fellowship of other men then please share this page! 

Last but not least we’re offering early-bird tickets until Wednesday 20th Oct.