The magician archetype: Exploring the Loki within us

Explore the Magician Archetype through Loki's wisdom. Embrace creativity, problem-solving, insight and growth for a transformational life.

magician archetype: Loki

In this post in my series 4 masculine archetypes in Norse mythology we explore Loki the trickster as he embodies the magician archetype. The magician is a symbol of transformation, creativity, and mastery. Together we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Norse mythology and explore the relationship between the magician archetype and the enigmatic Norse god, Loki. 

By understanding the characteristics of the magician as they relate to Loki, we can gain insights into our own behavior and unleash our potential to navigate life's twists and turns with wisdom, creativity and resilience and maybe even bring a little magic to those around us.

Guy Anderson

My experience of Loki and the magician archetype

As a creative person, I’ve always had a strong affinity with the magician archetype and the ability to transform obstacles into opportunities is also one of my super powers. 

Loki on the other hand I’ve always felt ambivalent towards because he has a rather unreliable twist in his character. I think on some level Loki’s independence bothers me. He can’t really be trusted and is not restrained by loyalty or relationships. Loki is definitely not a people pleaser that’s for sure!  

Yet he has a wildness which I find refreshingly appealing. After all, I did call my business Wildheart Media. But I’ve always felt the need to balance this wildness with stability and connection to others in order to avoid the chaos and destruction that this archetype can cause when out of balance. 

The magician archetype and Loki

At the heart of the magician archetype lies the ability to transform oneself and one's surroundings. Like the Norse god Loki, the magician is a shapeshifter, capable of adapting to any situation. Loki's cunning and creativity are reflections of the magician's intellect and inventiveness. As we embrace the magician within us, we can tap into the following characteristics:

  1. Cunning Intelligence:  Loki's wit and cleverness allow him to devise ingenious solutions to problems. Similarly, the magician archetype empowers us to analyze situations with depth and clarity, helping us make informed decisions and find innovative paths to success.

  2. Creativity and Ingenuity: Loki's boundless creativity fuels his ability to craft powerful tools and remedies for the gods. Embracing the magician, we can unlock our creative potential, finding unique ways to address challenges and inspire positive change in our lives.

  3. Mastery of illusion: Loki's skill in creating illusions mirrors the magician's ability to perceive and understand the hidden truths beneath the surface. By developing this trait, we can see beyond appearances and recognize the underlying dynamics in our relationships and experiences.

  4. Embracing transformation: Loki's penchant for transformation reflects the magician's desire to facilitate personal growth. When we embrace change as an inevitable part of life, we can harness its power to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing world around us.

Harnessing the magician archetype in our lives

Understanding the magician archetype and its connection to Loki can significantly impact our personal development journey. Here are specific ways we can use this knowledge to deepen our self-awareness and make better decisions:

  1. Problem-solving with Ingenuity: When faced with challenges, let's take a cue from Loki's resourcefulness. Approach problems with an open mind, exploring unconventional solutions and trusting our intuition to guide us.

  2. Cultivating creativity: Engage in creative pursuits, be it writing, painting, music, or any form of artistic expression. Channeling our creative energy not only nurtures the magician within but also brings joy and fulfillment to our lives.

  3. Embracing change: Instead of resisting change, welcome it as an opportunity for growth. Like Loki, we must adapt and embrace transformation, knowing that change is a vital aspect of our personal evolution.

  4. Balancing the dark side: While the magician archetype offers immense potential, we must be mindful of its dark side. An unbalanced magician may manipulate or deceive others for personal gain. To counter this, we can draw inspiration from Odin's wisdom as the king archetype or Freyr's compassionate love as the lover archetype to temper our actions with fairness and empathy.

An anecdote from Nordic mythology: Loki's creative solution

In one particular myth, the gods found themselves in peril when a malicious giant demanded the sun, moon, and goddess Freyja in exchange for building a protective wall around their city, Asgard. Knowing that losing the sun and moon would plunge the world into darkness, the gods were desperate for a solution.

Loki, ever the cunning trickster, devised a plan. He transformed into a mare and seduced the giant's powerful stallion, distracting it from its duties. This act led to the birth of Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged steed, which the gods gifted to the giant in exchange for the wall's construction. Loki's creativity and quick thinking saved the day, preserving the light of the sun and moon for all.

The dark side of the magician archetype

As with any archetype, the magician can become destructive when unchecked. Loki himself faced consequences for his mischievous actions, causing chaos and strife among the gods. When we allow the magician to dominate our behavior without balance, we risk becoming manipulative, self-serving, and detached from the consequences of our actions.

4 Masculine Archetypes in Nordic Mythology

  • The King Archetype - Odin the Allfather
  • The Warrior Archetype - Thor the courageous and resilient
  • The Magician Archetype - Loki the cunning trickster
  • The Lover Archetype - Freyr the emotionally intelligent


Embracing the magician archetype and connecting with Loki's energy within us can be a transformative journey. By cultivating our cunning intelligence, creativity, and adaptability, we can overcome life's challenges with resilience and grace. Remember, the key lies in balancing the archetypes within ourselves, drawing wisdom from Odin's leadership and Freyr's compassion.

So, let’s use Loki's creativity for good, finding solutions that benefit not just ourselves but the world around us. In harmonizing the archetypal energies within, we can create a stable and harmonious world, starting from within ourselves.

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