Inspirational Leaders

None of us are born inspirational leaders.

Leadership is a learned skill that starts with self-leadership

Leadership hall of fame

These 3 inspirational leaders faced overwhelming odds, saved millions of lives and made the world a better place

Inspirational leaders: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

1874 - 1965

Best known for his role as the defiant prime minister of Great Britain during the second world war, Churchill's leadership galvanised the British people and united the world against Nazi Germany and her allies.

Inspirational leader, Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

1918 - 2013

After 27 years of imprisonment and fighting for equal rights for blacks and whites in South Africa, Nelson Mandela led the country to its first democratic election and beyond in spectacular leadership style.

Inspirational leader, Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

1869 - 1948

Gandhi seemingly defeated the British Empire through his policy of non-violent resistence in a stunning act of brave leadership that led to the foundation of what is today the world's largest democracy.