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Unlock the power of gratitude for a more resilient, joyful life. Learn why it matters, how to practice it, and its impact on mental health and relationships.

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Unlock the power of Stoicism! Explore its ancient wisdom and practical principles to thrive in today’s world. Your journey to resilience and fulfillment begins here.

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lover archetype: Freyr

Lover archetype: Freyr

Discover the powerful lover archetype embodied in Nordic god Freyr and how it can transform your life. Embrace balance for personal growth and fulfillment.

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Flexibility is important for building resilience, embracing change and achieving person growth. But it needs to be balanced by setting and maintaining personal boundaries.

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collective unconscious

The collective unconscious

Explore the captivating realm of Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, connecting us through shared dreams and myths, fostering empathy and personal growth.

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magician archetype: Loki

Magician archetype: Loki

Explore the magician archetype through Loki’s wisdom. Embrace creativity, problem-solving, insight and growth for a transformational life.

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Learn how empathy fosters deep connections, emotional intelligence, and improves relationships. Discover its significance and practical ways to cultivate empathy in daily life.

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Dance of the masculine and feminine

Dance of the masculine and feminine

Ask ten people what masculine or feminine is and you’ll get ten different answers. How did we get so confused about something so essential to our identity?

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Discover the power of discipline. Explore inner and external discipline and how it relates to self-leadership. Get ready to unleash the benefits of discipline in your life.

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Warrior archetype Thor

Warrior archetype: Thor

Unleash your inner warrior through the exploration of the warrior archetype, Carl Jung, and the mythic inspiration of Thor. Discover resilience, make wiser decisions, and embrace personal growth.

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Embrace the power of commitment to transform your life. Discover the benefits of living intentionally and how it leads to positive change, happiness, and fulfilling relationships.

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Starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Later in Life

Starting Brazilian Jiu-jitsu later in life

Starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu later in life has been challenging, but it’s also been thoroughly rewarding too. In this post I share 10 insights that I’ve gained from my time on the mats.

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