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Guy Anderson coach at Modern Savage

About Guy

Hi! I'm Guy, your coach at Modern Savage. I'm a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing guru and yoga teacher. My superpower is transforming difficult situations into opportunities for personal growth.

I've been coaching for the last 6 years and my insight, experience and emotional intelligence, combined with my deep listening skills, make me a great coach.

I grew up in South Africa during apartheid and have been profoundly influenced by the leadership of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill, among others.

I lived in England for 17 years before moving to Stockholm to start a family. My interests include sustainable living, Brazilian Jiujitsu, climbing and Lindy Hop. I'm also a long-term yoga and meditation practitioner. 

The Modern Savage Manifesto

We live in times of great upheaval and uncertainty. The old systems are being swept away and what used to work no longer serves us.  

We need to create new ways of relating and being. We need to create inner stability in an unstable world. We can't wait for our leaders or governments. The future lies in our hands!

But we won't allow fear to paralyse us! Instead we choose love, compassion, humility and self-discipline to move forward with lightness and courage in the face of our difficulties.

My mission at Modern Savage is to help you be the best version of yourself, so that you can overcome the obstacles in your path and make your own mark in the world – now and for future generations.

Modern Savage - Make your own mark

Inspirational leaders

We all need a little inspiration sometimes and these leaders met and overcame huge obstacles!

Inspirational leaders: Winston Churchill
Inspirational leaders: Nelson Mandela
Inspirational leaders: Mahatma Gandhi

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Fearless fatherhood

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Rites of passage enable us to meet the challenges of life in a healthy and therapeutic way, helping us grow. They are essential for a healthy society and for balanced and integrated individuals.

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What else does Guy do?

Wildheart Media Logo

Wildheart Media

Guy set up digital marketing agency Wildheart Media in 2014, focusing on helping wellbeing businesses with their websites and marketing. Wildheart helps people who help people. 
yoga guy logo

Yoga Guy

Guy has been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 15 years and teaches regular classes in Stockholm. His teaching style is challenging, lighthearted and non-dogmatic.