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Hi! I'm Guy, your coach at Modern Savage. I'm a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing guru. My superpower is transforming difficult situations into opportunites for growth.

Modern Savage Coach, Guy Anderson

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dude to dad

From dude to dad: journey into fatherhood

The journey from dude to dad is a difficult transition for many men. Without a rite of passage or elders to guide us, we’re making it up as we go along.

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journaling daily: sharing gratitude

4 simple ways to start journaling daily with journaling prompts

I’ve been journaling daily over 20 years. In this post I’ll share 4 ways you can start journaling and give you some handy journaling prompts to get the juices flowing.

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Teamwork: playing well together

Teamwork: the power of playing well together

Teamwork is essential for success in business and life. But how do we learn to be a good team member? Learn how I watched and coached my son in this important skill.

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coaching concepts

My approach is based on powerful tried-and-tested concepts that are designed to help you meet, overcome and even transcend the challenges you're facing right now.